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Kingdom New Lands v1.2.11 Game Download For PC/Mac and Android:

The kingdom is a kingdom-building simulation game. It is developed by Thomas van den Berg and Marco Bancale with support from publisher Raw Fury. The title was initially released on 21 October 2015 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux systems.

Kingdom New Lands Free

Kingdom New Lands Review

The Kingdom New Lands Free Download is a side-scrolling strategy in which you will be the king of your small kingdom. Your main task is to make your people’s lives better, and for this, protect them from trolls raids. Although there is only one resource in the Kingdom New Lands Free Download PC – gold coins, this does not make it easier, because you constantly need to make choices, spend money on weapons or on strengthening walls. Buy new soldiers or better builders? It depends on your choice whether you will be able to protect yourself from the night raids of trolls. After all, after the decisions you make, you only have to look at the hordes of bloodthirsty creatures that crowd around your walls. After every night you spend on horseback, you can see the kingdom and bring about the necessary changes.Kingdom New Lands Free is a large-scale addition, which made the game more, better and more difficult. Various additions will surprise even the one who passed the original game.

Kingdom New Lands Free Download Kingdom New Lands Android

Kingdom New Lands Free Download mac Kingdom New Lands Review

Kingdom New Lands GamePlay:

The Kingdom New Lands Game is presented to the player in a two-dimensional pixel image designed to build and create an empire, while surviving several enemies that seek to capture the crown of the staff, effectively completing their rule. The player starts the game with a king or queen on horseback created at random. The player can move the character on the horse to the left or the right, even at a gallop, but has no direct action. If the character exceeds the reference points, it will produce some coins that the player can collect during the crossing and spend money in several sources marked with open spaces as the personality approaches; To purchase an update, the player must be able to deliver all the required coins.You can also download here Grim Dawn Free For PC.

Initially, such means will be that travelers who are going to be part of the Kingdom classic will produce weapons and tools. As the player gathers more resources, new currency presentation options are opened. For example, if the player has a citizen of the Kingdom Game Wiki with a tool, he can build defensive walls. Many of these sources are improvements that can be purchased with coins. To obtain more coins, the player loses his kingdom; Additional detection points give more coins, while officials in the Kingdom New Lands Free online can also produce coins.

While the exploration of the empire can generate more currencies and potential resources, the remote areas of the main congress center can become more dangerous for the player and his possible followers. Also, the Kingdom Game Free Download has a cycle of day and night, in which the most dangerous creatures can roam the kingdom at night, which makes the next nights more dangerous. Other nights may have men of blood that will reveal hordes of much larger creatures. These creatures work to destroy the existing sources that the player has made to steal the player’s gold, and if the player does not have gold, they rob the crown, which is a failure in the Kingdom New Lands Wiki as a player. The Kingdom New Lands Android must be started again. The player is encouraged to lead the construction of defenses and guards to counteract these defenses against the need to expand and improve the Kingdom nothing lasts. There is a final goal to win, even if the player has to decide.

Kingdom: New Land Features:

  • Aruler, their horse, a bag of coins
  • Greedy creatures try to get your coins and crowns every night (stop them!)
  • Loyal topics will help build, attack and defend your kingdom
  • Multiple upgrades to your homeland, attacks, and defenses of different unit types, as well as secrets scattered throughout the land
  • Beautiful soundtrack won two independent awards for the festival


  • Kingdom New Lands Free mac introduces a lot of new things and builds on the original Kingdom game.
  • It significantly changed the final game. It loads new elements, new things to discover and explore.
  • It fulfills a lot of requests for new features, suggested improvements, and general feedback from an incredibly exciting community that has embraced the kingdoms world and has been in the game since the original title was released – even earlier When the earliest iteration kingdom was a Flash-based browser game, enjoyed an incredible number of people.
  • So, for anyone who has ever played the Kingdom will introduce many new elements to rejuvenate the experience. New players will find a bigger, deeper world than the original kingdom (now called the Kingdom: Classic) offers.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • Video card: DirectX9 compatible with Shader Model 2.0
  • Disk space: 300 MB

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