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Obduction Download For PC:

Obduction Download is an adventure game Designed by Cyan Worlds. The autopsy is considered a spiritual successor to the previous adventures of Cyan, Myst, and Riven. In the game, the player finds his character transported to alien extraterrestrial worlds, but with human elements within the institutions. The player must investigate and solve riddles to know how to return home.

Obduction Review:

Obduction For Mac is a first-person adventure game developed by Cyan Worlds. Myst and Riven, adventure games before Cyan, are considered the spiritual successors to Obstruction. The game was funded through the Kickstarter event in October 2013 and released in August 2016 for Microsoft Windows and OS X, including a version of the virtual reality for the Oculus Rift system. In the game, players find their character is being transported to a strange alien world, but with settings within the human element. Players must explore and solve problems and figure out how to return.

As you wander by the lake on a night, you need to be aware of the lightning thunderstorms that are far off. A weird, organic artifact crashes from the sky, somehow, without permission, transporting you across the universe. You’ve been kidnapped from your comfortable life and joined an alien landscape called a Kansas farmhouse, a white fence and a rather bizarre little ghost town – almost a ghost town. Even more surprising is that you will find a weird crazy pavilion that comfortably welcomes you to Hunrath.

Obduction Gameplay:

In Obduction Pc Game, the player’s character is kidnapped by aliens from Earth and transported to one of the several alien worlds with the goal of finding a way back home. From a first-person perspective, Obduction ps is an adventure game where players can explore several different world environments, including exotic landscapes and a familiar human environment, solving puzzles and making decisions that can affect the game’s end. The Obduction PS4 features navigation controls for traditional first person games as well as node-based click and click systems. Many objects in the game can be selected and inspected in full 3D view, allowing players to discover possible hidden drawers or puzzle solving features.You can also download here Clash Of Clans For PC.


In Obduction vr Players characters, in the park, see the strange lights in the sky. A beam of light breaks down into seeds that keep the player from moving and darkening them. When they woke up, they found themselves and a small area of ​​the park being transported to an extraterrestrial world, within a larger Earth sphere taken from a twentieth-century Arizona mining town. They can see the outside world, but can not pass it. Explore the town, and they found it looking empty, the pre-recorded welcome message from Mayor Josef Holl. Further exploration showed that the city was called Hunrath, and from the twentieth century to the twenty-first century dozens of people were brought here for no apparent reason.

From the journals left by humanity, they learned that there are four such fields or “cells,” connected to an ordinary heart by the tree of each cell center. Trees periodically fall through the seeds of time and space, exchanging spherical areas from one connected world to another connected world. Humans have cooperated peacefully with alien species from other worlds to understand the process: the state-of-the-art Molu from the planet Soria, the Arai-like species from Kappl and the Villein peace from Maray. Four species found ways of using seeds to move freely between their worlds, allowing cooperation and trying to find a way to go home. However, the player characters find that they have just arrived after a major conflict. Mo felt that other species were dragging them back and developing a weapon of mass destruction that would destroy other areas. The friendly Mofang warns other species that they have enacted various blockade agreements to slow down Mojang’s cultivation of these weapons. Most people than shelter through a low-temperature hibernation of a Villein “silo.” One person, C.W., chose to stay at Hunrath but was isolated in a safe room, believing others were already dead. He implores the player’s role, helps provide water to each of the four cells, and restarts Hunrath’s power system so he can send them back to Earth.

When the player character explored the world, they found that Shinjing had cheated the Rubik’s Cube and returned one of the weapons to Soria before destroying, destroying most of the Rubik’s Cube. From the Soria cells, the player character observes the desert outside of Arizona, but it seems to be a post-apocalyptic heath. Eventually, the player character approaches the silo on Maray for the code needed to unlock it. They find a magic weapon that ends the game if they approach, detonate and kill all the silos. Otherwise, they will disable their weapons and begin to wake sleeping people, including former Mayor Farley of Hunrath. She warned that C.W.’s plan to send them back to Earth was flawed and told them to take steps to stop C.W.

All the trees are irrigated and restored, and C.W. begins the process of returning them to Earth. At this point, players can disable one of the power systems according to Farley’s suggestion. If they do not interfere, then C.W.’s plan does return them to Earth, but also in the same catastrophic landscape. Farley condemned C.W., because many have not been raised from silos, and now they are forced to survive in this desolate environment. Also, if the player follows Farley’s advice, C.W. realizes that something is wrong, but does not stop the process. Hunrath cells and three other cells appear on the lush green planet, and the surrounding barriers have disappeared. Farley told C.W. said all other humans and alien allies have done, and there is a big chance on this new planet.

Key Features of Obduction :

Here are the main features of Obduction, and you will be able to experience these features after your first installation on your operating system.

  • Adventure game.
  • There are plenty of puzzles to solve.
  • Explore the world of aliens.
  • There are first-person traditional control systems.
  • There are node-based points and click systems.
  • Impressive visual effects.
  • Satisfactory sound.

Obduction  System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 (SP1), 8, 10 – only for 64 bits
  • Processor: CPU Intel i5-2500
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Video card: GeForce 660 GTX w / 1GB / AMD 7700 series w / 1GB
  • Disk space: 20 GB

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