Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Crack Full Game


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Crack Full Game

An exciting adventure, brought to life by the leader wolfenstein ii the new colossus trailer sends players in a Nazi controlled America on a mission to recruit more reckless of the heads of the resistance on the left. Fight against the Nazis in America’s iconic locations, equip an Arsenal of badass weapons, and unleash new blast powers your way through legions America, 1961. Your murder by the Nazis As a whole Deathshead was a short victory. Despite this, the Nazis keep their grip on the world. You are BJ Blazkowicz, aka “Horror Billy”, a member of the Resistance-the tsyp Empire, the Nazi, and humanity’s last hope for freedom. Only you have the courage, weapons and common sense to return to the United States to kill all the Nazis in sight, ignition and the second American Revolution.Main FEATURES:Mission: to Liberate America from NazisStrap in heart beats journey as you fight the military machine of the Nazis on the territory of the United States. As BJ Blazkowicz, protect your family and your friends, build new alliances and fight demons, your past worries as you rally pockets of resistance to overthrow the Nazi occupation.People: Rally Resistance Immerse yourself in the world, brought to life in unforgettable characters that bring a new level of personality. An exhilarating adventure brought to life by the leader of id Tech 6, wolfenstein 2 trailer sends players to Nazi-controlled America on a mission to recruit more reckless heads of resistance on the left. Fight against the Nazis in America’s iconic locations, equip an Arsenal of badass weapons, and unleash new blast powers your way through legions of Nazi soldiers, in the ultimate first-person shooter game.We have been waiting for the release of Wwolfenstein 2 gameplay New Colossus for a long time. As with earlier versions, we were not disappointed. Manufacturers have taken care of the best graphics, imaginable and unthinkable. You have to admit that no one expected such realism in the game. In wolfenstein 2 pc New Colossus Download, we are dealing with the continuation of the history of the previous parts, so that the game becomes even more interesting, and thus that was quite expected. In this scene, our hero wakes up from a coma and goes to the field where the war takes place. There is nothing else but a quick fight to save yourself and your friends.The game is similar to the previous one. Like other games of this type, we need to find out more places on the map. Places like our hero, visit to Roswell, new Mexico and New Orleans. The creators have done their best to give reality to these places since 1961. As a game user, we have a huge collection of weapons to choose from. New weapons have also been added to products, like a laser shooting out of the car to effectively neutralize opponents. In order to treat faster with the enemy, you can also shoot two weapons at the same time. More importantly, wolfenstein ii the new colossus wiki New Colossus Download will not be able to restore your health, we will be able to regenerate using online pharmacies, so the game becomes very realistic.An exciting adventure, brought to life by the leader of the id Tech 6, II skidrow wolfenstein ii the new colossus gameplay sends players in a Nazi controlled America on a mission to steampunks to gain more reckless of the heads of the resistance on the left. Fight against the Nazis in America’s iconic locations, fitgirl repack equip an Arsenal of badass weapons, and unleash new blast powers your way through legions of Nazi soldiers in the ultimate first-person shooter game. Blast the Nazis a bit high-tech corepack weapons as Laserkraftwerk, multi-use, high intensity laser weapons cs.rin.ru can destroy enemies, or Dieselkraft werk, rapid fire, powered by gas, launcher grenades, which can destroy groups of enemies, free pc games, iso, or get up close and personal with advanced pistols, machine guns, and axes.It’s really amazing how good this story works, given the absurdity of its 1961 sci-fi version, and how wildly the tone goes from one scene to another. At the moment, it is ultra-serious and delivering a sickening dose of poison of racism, violence, blood and cold cruelty. Not what we need also because you want to overthrow another reality of the Third Reich that won the 2nd World War that conquered the world, but it is very effective to get the blood boiling. And yet, at the next moment, he will transition the scenes of a laugh-out-loud Comedy, before turning back to BJ Blazkowicz concerning his own mortality, he lost consciousness, with injuries that he received at the end of the new Order.wolfenstein ii the new colossus review pulls it without a whip through the impressive powers of its heroes, which are remarkably written and played. The vibrating scenes involving BJ talk to themselves, the rebel leader, Thanks to his determination, but the eyes are sad, and the Super Spesh mad conspiracy theory is loud words and the literal bathroom humor is all great and delivered to convince confidence. In just a short span of time, each one of them gave enough shadow that they are immediately in three dimensions, they are imperfect groups of people who have gone through war, hell and long ten years of occupation, and yet they have survived, rebelled and lived their lives. It says, with so new and interesting faces, all the characters from the first game had a lot to do including max Hess and Bombate didn’t get much time on the screen except for a few jokes.But it’s bad in General Engel who steals his joyful brand of sadism every time she is on the screen. It is unpredictable, often in advance, and absolutely without pity, often to play with his prey to the pleasure. It is the most memorable, scary angry game since Far Cry 3 Vaas Montenegro. Beyond that, BJ childhood memories and his relationship with his abusive, monstrous (but not unbelievable) racist father are also extremely disturbing. Together, these types of threats that are driven around a hash of the Nazi members with an axe, to feel the murder was justified.Horrible Nazi killing is already very enjoyable, but it’s still more thanks to the fast and smooth first person shooter action, and reward the performance of the enemy during their scenes of death. If they react to the main body parts where you decide to come in installments in one of the numerous melee kill animations, or ignite and evaporate before your eyes when you rake a heavy laser weapon through the screen, this is the whole show.There are a lot of Nazis to kill, then you are also recommended to sneak in every meeting to find out your silently accepting soldiers and, more importantly, their leaders, if left in life to trigger an alarm, they will call for reinforcements. As a New Order, it’s not quite a” real ” stealth game that enemies don’t cause alarm when they see a dead body (and you can’t hide corpses) and sometimes detect you when you wouldn’t hope they could, but this stealth gameplay is a good way to mix up before action and prevent every fight from beginning. It is also mandatory; if you prefer to go into a fire that works too much and that is a problem.wolfenstein 1 makes the most of it something standard-the feel, range of weapons (pistol, machine GUN, machine gun, shotgun, grenade launcher, etc) allows you to mix, match, and adjust to your heart’s content. With Wolfenstein’s existing parry system blowing with weapons in each hand, feels as great as before), and can sacrifice the accuracy of twice the fire power, which is effective in almost or medium combat. Two weapons-it is also very handy if you want to be able to shoot a fast breathing gun and silence the gun will not get the job done on its own. Effectively allows you to choose your own alternative fire mode. Unless, of course, you are using one of the highest quality high-power weapons derived from Nazi mech soldiers that require both hands, but often include your own built-in Alt-shooting mode.My biggest trouble with the two weapons, that’s something no end-game updates, you can’t pause the action to change weapons.It is, perhaps, the process is clumsy, because there is only one wheel of two-handed weapons, and you must select the option switch hands, before you can go to the left side. Chance to do so, under the fire, not to be killed.Speaking about the upgrades, each weapon has three potential areas for improvement, such as the application domain, the ability of ammunition and other things that change their behavior in an interesting way, it just hit against the damage. Kits are rare, so the choice you make, the more important – I had only about half of the possible updates by the time I finished (even if I’m sure I’ve missed a lot).Even a transfer from the New order is a system of perk, which gives updates only to score murders with things like blows to the head or a flame. It encourages you to mix your style of play, and gives a constant stream of rewards for ” the action of you.”BJ can be ground the machine to kill it with armor, but it is not the tank. You have to keep moving forward and play with prudence, to stay alive, by entering health, armor, and ammunition, where you can find them (often corpses). This is an area where a new order has been rightly for what we have done click on the button pick-up for each subject, we wanted to capture, including bits of armor, low-value, that drop off of enemies. The new Colossus is a lot more happy Wednesday, between this and the most common design of shooting game in first person that You see – here are many items that you can choose, directly from him with a small radius of automatic capture. You can always press a little bit, but this is not so annoying as in the first game.Because of the fragility of BJ (and the fact that I played on the “Do or Die!”the level of difficulty one notch above normal) I died a little-often without knowing exactly what killed me. Each time this happened, I wanted to do was killcam, which has focused on of the enemy, who received me, for I know that you must look for in a next time.But the only real problem that I have constantly had in the battle, it is that BJ pretty demanding on what it jump. I’ve been killed the most often, as would like to, because I’m stuck in invisible obstacles, trying to escape at the top of things, especially on the later levels.A linear series of levels for wolfenstein 2 pc consists almost entirely of these sad settings that you would expect of the nazi occupation of America. The irradiated remains of New York, military installations, and New Orleans, which is now surrounded by a wall of the ghetto, everything is quite dark, sometimes only a pleasure for the eyes, but they are full of details and readable pieces of life by the nazis in an alternate reality, which make the research of value. Not only are some of these materials for the reading to some extent, the germans, with whom you fight. Don’t get me wrong, there is no morality to the question of knowledge, deserves the heap of goose, rogue everything that comes to him, but to hear, for example, the perspective of a family who has moved to America after the war, it is interesting. And every so often, we hear of a parent, the one who is death at the hand of the infamous “Mix-Billy” – the name of the promoters for a William I.It is a non-combat area, between the fights, which are really distinguished. A walk around a parade nazi in Roswell, new Mexico, and listening to the waffen-SS, in conversation with the ku-Klux-Клансменом, and the search for a shared space-scary and terrifying, and the room in the window on the main street is excellent. The same thing applies to a submarine, which serves as the basis for the revolt BJ, which is full of characters and a lot of random in the dialog. However, some of these side characters don’t look so wonderful next to the BJ and his principal friends.This is a solo game, it is to be noted that there is a considerable content after the match. wolfenstein 2 pc recycles some of his cards for the complex missions of murder (which must be unlocked through the collection of objects of dead nazi officers), which allow you to get some of the updates that are incompatible with the choices You’ve made during the campaign. And there is a reason to start again: one of the first things you do is to repeat the fact that You have chosen in the new order, to save the life of one of the two characters, which determines which of them living in the suite. This gives you access to another weapon, and this person will play a role in the story, and, given the role It has played in my transition, I’m curious to see how the old, more gray Fergus would have been able to do it with things.There is nothing wrong or to one of the two episodes made to date, and I can’t imagine that at the last minute of the rot settles in the final next month. They still have the formula of Wolf 2 from a solid in the action, the goal (mostly) optional stealth, and a lot of books-class of comic book, science-fiction compromised surprisingly thoughtful storytelling. This is all good material but it is almost all respects, just the same material, which already offers the base game.I think that Bethesda/game machine may miss something in the first part of the chronicle of freedom is only released a few months after the full version of the game, with others following on a monthly basis. Usually, there is a good deal, to quickly get DLC, while the game interest is at its peak, but in this case, it seems that Wolf 2 has not had enough time to breathe, before him something very similar. The absence makes the heart, and all that.However, there is a lot to recommend episode 2, If you have played Wolf 2, such as almost direct shot. I’ll start with this and go back to the other, there is not the story line, and you can play in any order, in the end. Episode 2, ‘Diaries Silent Agent of death’, is not the mandate of the approach of stealth, you will find rifles and mega-lasers galore – but he works hard to encourage you to play in his style, despicable killer.For another, You are blessed immediately with a silencer and a sling constrictor (allowing you to crawl through a super-dense passages), the two from which you have to choose whether or not to open in the game. There is a reasonable chance that people who have a way of the fight in the Wolf 2, have not yet used the beam of constrictor. All of the wood release of Jessica requires to fall in the milestones of concrete the stealth blows to the head, the murder of courtiers, throwing knives, something of this kind.In other words, you are all set on a maximum of finesse mojo from the start. I really dig the stealth of a system to Wolf 2, but most of its levels is not specially built for him, which often makes them darker than the other. Silent to the death of many more awareness-a range of games of killer, with an abundance of ventilation holes, side tunnels and the incredibly tiny gaps in which you can spend your magical path. A level also uses the banks of theatre seats for an unforgettable atmospheric game of hide-and-seek, you Crouch and go in the red direction, when wearing the heads of enemies are lurking.This reinforces my feeling that the muffler is able to a shock in the head to kill everyone, except the most heavily armoured enemies-the best weapon in the game. Brutal, efficient, silent: it is a joy to use, and any other shooter that Jessica was wearing, I felt dead weight.She-Jessica – almost a great character – she is after revenge for his long-tortured and killed her husband, and then wants to just go back to drinking, and the thumbnail the path of death to Rio, and she has a line of very British oath. Especially distinguished” nazi bell”.Its deep of the smoke, sour, charismatic voice, but the actor plays a note, to decide what should be funny lines efficiently, but not selling of the decade of pain from Jessica, nor its to a bloody vengeance, it is demanding above колокольчикам.And, with the exception of the part of the theater, as I just mentioned, too forgetful, too, like the remixes of an excessive dependency on the parent games shadow of the iron corridors. There is no conspiracy or set piece insanity of Wolf 2,simply of the choice and the mixture of his work.Then all was finished, 90 minutes later, nothing new has been seen or done, or a dial scenario has shifted further. None of the three-Day freedom has no relation with the basic story Wolf 2, or the other – it is self-contained stories about other people in other parts of the World resistance to the Nazi oppression. I am not against the principle, but it makes them feel a bit empty of meaning – everything that you have done, is to kill a nazi general, which seem to be pretty endless in number and fully interchangeable.Put together with the end-of-Wolf 2 and circumstances after the campaign, and it is quite clear that the vision of this series is the current resistance,Nazi, the board of directors is the status quo, and not in fact a reversal of the plan. This makes sense from the point of view of the franchise, but it’s hard not to wish for a bit of real closure, after the murder of several thousands of soldiers of the Reich. Especially because it is difficult to shake the worry, that the wolf 2 is not a ticket topper it was, of course, expect to be in the last year, there is no guarantee that the tale BJ will never be raised again.Like in episode 1 in the annals of freedom, it is quite cute and capable, but moves the needle less than 2 not. This time, he is the star of Joseph stalin, the quarterback of american football, which already has an option ability of BJ ‘Ram Shackles’, which allows him to charge through certain walls and shoot down the lighter enemies. Unlock can be found in the most open of Vienna, of the action, therefore, on the merits, it encourages glowing weapons all attitude, but I found that it was much more appropriate for discretion, that the ep-2.Joseph – very severe type, and its history includes exposure to the fact that the nazis are making their суперсолдатов, as well as a certain degree of parables for the racial tensions in modern America. It has not such a degree of personality or personal motivation, as Jessica, but on the other hand, the monologue of his actor much more and convincing Its levels, meanwhile, include a lot more open spaces, that of Jessica, but mostly, they feel even more similar to the result of the main campaign of Wolf 2. A section, заряжающаяся with a limited stock of ammunition on the football pitch, stands out, while the other the main backdrop is the repetition of a sequence of tankmen in the game. Frankly, this is again the same problem – everything is normal, but familiar, and leaves my memory almost immediately, as soon as I finish.It would be unwise, I suspect it of expect something else to come from the third room, in a role of the captain of the army of the UNITED states Gerald Wilkins on the mission in Alaska,and that seems to be, tears out of the most extravagant, Bondi elements of the initial vocation of the WW2. I guess, like others, it will be very enjoyable 90 minutes of action from the gaming machine without any impact on the rest of the story of Wolf 2, then everything is finished, and that is all. But, maybe he will surprise us.Doesn’t help the fact that one episode of Zero, раздаваемый last month in a pre-order and bonus of the season, is not a prologue that he wants, and instead of a multi-pack of levels, that appear in episodes-a level of each of the three characters. In other words, if you have pre-ordered the Wolf 2, you already have 3 RIC on 9 levels, and if you went on the passage waiting for the season four episode, in fact, you get only three. The third and final level includes the trip to the Moon, but it’s more that the less yellow from the palette swap on desperately superficial and corridor (case of listening to the sequence of the a and the other Section of the Venus the game – even not having managed to recreate memorable mid-century, science-fiction, the elegance Wolf 1: a new lunar getting. You will never be able to go out into the street-the better you get is a brief look at the white of the stone through indestructible dialog.Technique of observation, after the first few hours of wolfenstein ii the new colossus gameplay belle ran behind me on the PC, with excellent performance and stability. I have to warn you that the first couple of hours, though, because during this time, he was falling still when I tried to make a choice between Wyatt and Fergus, about 20 seconds to start a new game. Only after I left everything running in the background, he has worked with success. Bethesda has indicated that it is a problem with the Nvidia driver (I use GTX 1080), and already a beta-drivers, which can solve the problem, if you fall on it. The second with NVIDIA using the graphics card GTX 980 had no problems. The two console versions, however, work well and without any incidents.Therefore, it is four and a half hours of the new Wolfage course of the eighteen books (or 24 pounds, if you buy the episodes separately). If there is an exceptional watch, I would be totally in agreement with this, but almost entirely re-used the base material of the game – no new forces, weapons, or enemies, I’m not sure that that is a pretty good deal.I dig the Wolf 2 a lot, as his boy is not yet serious personality and of his massacre or stealth action, and I can’t pretend that I haven’t liked a few more hours, but, with the exception of a handful of great, stylized comics катсцен and to hear that someone has said “nation-bell, all that he already has the game. You can also simply play (or read) of his many side-missions and modes after the campaign. I will be happy if episode 3 successful in changing it.One of the best features of the games wolfenstein ii the new colossus review was its beautiful composition of the characters. New colossus was full of complex resistance fighters at all levels of experience and points of view, that the hero of the second BJ. The new downloadable content of the game explores the lives of other people, who live and die in other nazi-controlled UNITED states of the 60s. wolfenstein 2 gameplay without BJ always fun, but this is not so effective.The episode of the first season of Вольфенштейн II СЖО, “Chronicles of Freedom”, and called “Ballad of the arrows of Joe.”The football star” shooter” Joe the stallion pntre nazi experiments, from which he escapes. He is sent on a quest of revenge after Uber commander Roderick: Метз, predictable blond and the evil nazi commander, who said that the word “Reich” is pronounced “l” sound, which just makes it hate. The three chapters of the episode occur through several levels, and it took me about an hour and a half to clean it. There are Panzerhund rampage, the giant of the bag, to fight, and lots of enemies to горили of the mowing.It combines well with the sound of football of the person; he can fight with the enemies, run more heavy barrels and be recharged via smashing it against the wall. The levels are well suited for this ability. Very nice to check the body plenty of nazi’s in a long hallway or inside the office is closed, to change the location of an arena. A sequence that happens on the football field with people with disabilities and ammunition, where you run on the decision of the members of the SSC. The special move Joe feels fleshy, and it encourages you to rush in and push the enemies dynamic, active.The levels are familiar from the main game: the streets of the city, the sewers, the warehouses, as well as numerous catwalks and corridors. It is at the bottom more Вольфенштейн, but without Moody monologues. The chronicles of freedom are framed in the comic, intersect with the stills panelled, that move the story forward. The story of Joe is a hero of кэмпи, but he has never managed to be quite graceful, to seize me. The ballad of Gunslinger Joe assigns a heavier person, who has mastered the New colossus, like family and race, but not without emotion the main game has been able to achieve through the use of his time and of the relationship. You basically just Joe, a man the nazis in their death and sometimes talk with lui-même.De валианта access to the capacity of “the secret agent”, which allows him to contort his body and to sneak into difficult places, such as windows and ventilation openings. This is the high capacity core of the game; the main character B. J. Блейскович could buy a special battle of the facility, which has enabled him to accomplish the same feat. The base levels of the game, necessary to accommodate many different capacities, resulting in levels that feel structuring. The levels of валианта only need to take into account its ability to slip through the ventilation holes, and they sink. The bottlenecks of office rooms open in large teams, pitches, intentional караулами, дозорами, all accented on the side of ventilation systems.Gunfights are rare and it is quite possible to sneak in, kill the target and leave and no one notices.Originally Wolfenstein Castle and its sequel, beyond castle Wolfenstein stressed stealth through the use of costumes and tight, maze corridors. Agent death’s magazines in Silence never reaches to bite stealth’s nails-these are the names it offers too much ammunition and supplies for this, but it doesn’t go the way bringing stealth gameplay in the vanguard after a New Colossal emphasis on gamebattles. Most of the Wunderbar soldiers who have ever lived today allows for exciting action on Us Territory with the new addition of the Hans action game Elite. Introduction–the right of the news-town BJ “Horror Billy” Blazkowicz! The killer is in cold blood, which must be stopped by the Horror-Billy is still silent, spying or breaking. Add Horror-Billy to your collection today and bring glory to the home opposite Hans ‘ Elite–Empire Posable Protector! The wolfenstein ii the new colossus wiki: the New Colossus Collector’s Edition includes a 1/6 scale 12 inch action figure game by Nazi killin ‘hero-William Joseph” BJ ” Blazkowicz, packaged in-premium, 1960s-style “out of the box”. BJ is fully equipped to rally resistance and free America, with an Arsenal of accessories, including four powerful weapons, a hatchet, and his jacket. Collector’s edition limited also includes the long awaited inside exclusive metal case, and the 9″x14″ Blitzmensch contains.wolfenstein ii the new colossus review: the new Colossus is a sequel to the critically acclaimed first – person shooter, Wolfenstein: The new designed by Studio rewarded Machine Games. An exhilarating adventure brought to life by the leader of id Tech 6, Wolfenstein II sends players to Nazi-controlled America on a mission to recruit more reckless resistance leaders on the left. Fight against Nazis in symbolic locations such as the small town of Roswell, new Mexico, the flooded streets of New Orleans, and post-nuclear Manhattan. Create an Arsenal of evil weapons, and unleash new blast powers your way through legions of advanced Nazi soldiers, cyborgs, and soldiers in the ultimate first person shooter game. wolfenstein 2 game play relationship shone and what Sniper Joe is trying to continue looking at people who are not only BJ and her friends, he has no UPS and downs, emotional base game. However, it’s full of great shot exchanges, and allows me to spend more time in Wolfenstein-it’s a strange world that is more than enough for me.


Features Of Wolfenstein the New Colossus II:

  • Here are the main features of Wolfenstein II New Colossus that you will be able to experience after the first installation of the Operating system.
  • Belt for a beating heart, journey as you fight the military machine of the Nazis on the territory of the United States.
  • As BJ Blazkowicz, protect your family and your friends, build new alliances and fight demons, your past worries as you rally pockets of resistance to overthrow the Nazi occupation.
  • Immerse yourself in the world embodied in the life of unforgettable characters that bring a new level of personality to the franchise.
  • Get together with friends and other freedom fighters like Anna, Carolina, Bombate, Kit, Max Hass, Fergus or Wyatt, and make friends with new characters such as Horton and thank you for taking on the evil Frau Engel and his army of Nazi.
  • Blast Nazis for strands using high-tech weapons such as Laserkraftwerk, multi-use, high-intensity laser, weapons that can disintegrate enemies, or fast fire powered by gas, grenade launcher that can destroy groups of enemies, or stand up close and personal with advanced pistols, machine guns, and axes. When you need a little more flexibility, upgrade and own two favorite guns!
  • All Hobbies! Free the war hero that you destroy the Nazis in a new and Hyper-violent way. Lock and load futuristic weapons and BJs to open new set of opportunities that you fight for a free America. Whatever your style of play, invent new ways to stab, shoot, and kill Nazis.
  • Received high-resolution textures.
  • I’m great visually.

What parents should know

Parents should know that Wolfenstein II: the New Colossus is a cruel and bloody, first-person shooter game that is inappropriate for children. Using a variety of weapons (both classic and sci-fi), explosives, axes, and traps, players have to kill a lot of people since some dogs. There is a lot of blood, blood, dismemberment, all accompanied by screams of pain. There are also images of Nude women, including Topless woman in bed. Both characters are also agreed and shown to have sex even if they are clothed. The dialogue contains a lot of profanity-including “f–k”, “s–t” “whore” “motherf—-r,” bitch”,” and “N” word, while some characters are racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic comments. There are also a couple of scenes where the characters are presented in alcohol consumption at the time of intoxication or loss of consciousness; another character is a cigarette smoker, and another, swallows LSD and hallucine. The game will also features downloadable content (DLC), which is available in the future.

Click on the “Download” button above”

  • You run the setup program II game Wolfenstein the New Colossus
  • Accept the user License agreement and select the installation path
  • The installer will download all necessary files.
  • At boot time, you must activate your version of the game a special code to Download an individual activation key
  • Enter the code in the correct place – it will be finished downloading and installing the game
  • PLAY!

System requirements for Wolfenstein II: the New Colossus Free Download:


  • OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 (64-Bit)
  • Processor: AMD FX-8350 / Ryzen 5 1400 or Intel Core i5-3570/i7-3770
  • Memory: 8 GB of RAM
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 770 4GB / AMD Radeon R9 graphics card 290 4GB or more
  • Storage: 55 GB of free space


  • OS: Win7, 8.1, or 10 64-Bit
  • CPU: AMD FX-9370/Ryzen 5 1600X or Intel Core i7-4770
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB / AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB or more
  • Storage: 55 GB of free space



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